Acne Scar Treatment Dubai

Effective Acne Scar Treatment and Removal in Dubai.

Acne Scar Treatment Dubai

With our State-of-the-Art treatments at La Mar Aesthetics Surgery Centre conceal and remove any and all scars.‎

Laser treatment for scars reduces the appearance of scars. It uses focused light therapy to either remove the outer layer of the skin’s surface or stimulate the production of new skin cells to cover damaged skin cells.

What are the benefits?

Laser treatment for scars can reduce the appearance of warts, skin wrinkles, age spots, scars, and keloids. It doesn’t completely remove a scar. Laser therapy uses focused beams of light to treat damaged areas on the body. It can remove tumors and other growths, improve vision, stop hair loss, and treat pain. Laser therapy can also improve the appearance of scars.

How does the procedure work?

Laser treatment for scars is an outpatient procedure. Your doctor repeatedly moves a laser wand over your skin to remove damaged skin cells and diminish scars. These include:

  • Injury scars
  • Burn marks
  • Acne scars
  • Dark spots, age spots and other types of hyperpigmentation

Because this procedure involves heat and light, your doctor may not recommend it if you have light sensitivity. Certain medications can cause this type of sensitivity.

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