Acne Treatment Dubai

Acne Treatment in Dubai.

Acne Treatments Dubai

Are you suffering from skin flaws such as acne, scars and wrinkles? It can really be annoying, especially when it comes to the skin, for it is the first noticeable part of your body, so it is crucial to have your skin treated with the best skin treatment procedures which we do offer here, at La Mar Aesthetics Surgery Centre.

How can we help?

Laser treatments are the fastest way to deal with scars and hyperpigmentation left behind when acne heals, but can also be beneficial for inflammatory acne.

Our dermatologists use lasers to destroy specific substances at specific depths in the skin.

How does this procedure work?

Lasers produce intense monochromatic light, light that is limited to a very narrow band of wavelengths. This light has no effect on some substances and high-intensity effects on others. And it may go through three different settings:

  • One setting might heat hemoglobin but have no effect on neighboring skin cells
  • Another setting might “melt” the melanin that causes deep pigmentation on the skin
  • A third might vaporize tattoo ink

The primary effects of laser light in skin resurfacing are photothermal, heating a particular substance in the skin. The process of using a laser to remove blemishes in the skin is known as photothermolysis, the breakdown of selected tissues in the skin. Continuous laser light would destroy tissues surrounding the target as the target tissue heated, so laser skin treatment is usually done with pulsed lasers.

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