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Plastic Surgery, Skin Care & Dentistry

Aesthetics, Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery


La Mar Aesthetics Surgery Centre offers the latest Aesthetics, Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in Dubai. At La Mar Aesthetic Surgery Center, we are committed to creating a lasting impact for our patients through individually tailored care and the excellent results they desire to help them rediscover the joy of seeing their body as they want it to be.

Our doctors at La Mar Aesthetic Surgery Center have combined expertise, technique and a shared artistic vision to create an unmatched aesthetic experience. We have taken the time to anticipate your every single need, putting an incredible array of facilities and services to create a warm, safe and most advanced cosmetic journey.

Our objective is to make your health and beauty journey as smooth and rewarding as possible from the moment you walk through our doors.


Our patients enjoy a unique relationship with their doctors, in which mutual decisions are based on the patient is objectives and the doctor’s savoir-faire and experience. During your consultation, we will take the time to design a tailored treatment plan and answer all of your questions.

Continuity of care is a philosophy that goes beyond the continuity of our practice. It is also reflected in the unique relationships we build with our patients – which helps reduce the anxiety that usually accompanies any surgical or non-surgical procedure.


In a medical field that is continually evolving, La Mar Aesthetic Surgery Center has the wisdom and skill to offer the latest breakthroughs. As leaders in cosmetic surgery, La Mar Aesthetic Surgery Center’s Doctors know you want the latest in Aesthetic surgery but also the safest treatments possible. Whether it is injectable fillers, a less invasive surgical technique, or a modern approach to a time-tested surgery, our doctors are committed to delivering an unmatched cosmetic experience with the best natural results.


Happy patients are our top priority. The doctors, nurses, and staff at La Mar Clinics welcome the opportunity to get to know you. Many of our patients return for additional procedures and ongoing treatments. To us, this is the best measure of our accomplishment. At La Mar Aesthetic Surgery Center, VIP patients and celebrities choose La Mar Clinics for its seclusion, impeccable service and utmost privacy. Our team can arrange for a private arrival and exclusive access to all the facilities if required.

Come and experience it for yourself by requesting a consultation online at La Mar Clinics, or call us at +971 4 2355551 to schedule an appointment.

Our Services

Our Team

At Lamar Aesthetics Surgery Centre Dubai, we have a team of internationally recognized plastic surgeons, dermatology, aesthetic and anti-aging specialists and a professional highly qualified staff, who have specialized in the most advanced aesthetic, cosmetic surgery and skin care procedures. Our team of highly skilled professionals is here to offer detailed consultations placing you and your individual needs at the heart of everything we do.

         Dr. Nikolas Tsakoniatis
    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

          Dr. Batoul Aljazieh
               General Dentist

             Dr. Mazen Arafeh
          Specialist Plastic Surgeon

          Dr. Dua’a Dergham
               General Dentist