Dr. Dua’a Dergham

Dr. Dua’a Dergham

Dr. Dua’a Dergham obtained her B.D.S. in 1993 from the University of Jordan, Dental faculty British standards, which had proven over the years to be one of the top ten dental faculties in the region.

Dr. Dua’a started her experience in Jordan, in the private sector. A few years later, moved to UAE and joined the Dubai Ministry of Health for seven years of her practice, where she enjoyed practicing dentistry and making people smile.

Her presence in the Public Schools health clinic for 2 years gave her excellent experience in treating children and teenagers. Her experience in treating adult and geriatrics was gained from being in primary health care for 5 years.

Dr. Dua’a has attended and participated in many dental workshops, sessions, conferences all over the world. Throughout the years, she continued training in aesthetic dentistry (veneers, whitening, and teeth bonding) root canal treatment, white composite restorations, Laser Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, and Implantology. This extensive education and devotion helped her achieve the perfect treatment for her patients.

After her long period of experience, Dr. Dua’a established a private clinic where she enjoyed practicing dentistry. In a decade, her private clinic extended its services to a wide range of Dentistry in addition to Dermatology and Cupping. Dr. Dua’a managed and supervised her medical and non-medical team for all specialties that were made available to provide nothing but the best in terms of dentistry for the community of UAE.

On top of her dedication to medical practice, she also supervised and trained associates where she was a partner and Head of Educational Department in a well reputable continuous educational organization for dental science. Mainly responsible for choosing the scientific materials and scouting for qualified speakers in the best field of their specialty.

Believing in the importance of Aesthetic Practice and the close relation between the Cosmetic Dentistry and the General Aesthetic, Dr. Dua’a obtained her diploma in General Aesthetic to add more care and quality services to her patients
Dr. Dua’a is well known in her perfection and that’s how she had her reputation as one of the top Dentists in UAE. Patients are coming to see her from all over UAE and from other countries like Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Nigeria, USA and England and all are being treated equally regardless of ethnicity.

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