Fractional RF Micro Needling Dubai

Fractional RF Micro Needling Dubai

Fractional RF Micro Needling Dubai. Fractionated Microneedle Radiofrequency For Skin Rejuvenation. One of the most promising new technologies for aesthetic treatments is the combination of two methods previously used individually for skin rejuvenation, microneedling and radiofrequency. This combination therapy, known as fractionated radiofrequency, is effective for improvement in acne and acne scars, as well as fine lines and wrinkles, both on and off the face. It can also be used for all skin types and is associated with minimal downtime and few complications.

Radiofrequency technology was then developed for skin rejuvenation; it has been used for many years to improve skin laxity, rhytids, and acne scarring1. This technology works differently than laser, as it uses tissue resistance within various layers of the skin to transform RF energy into thermal energy. This then causes collagen contraction and stimulates new collagen production. An advantage to RF over laser is that it should also be safe for all skin types since no light is emitted into the skin to stimulate melanin directly. There are both monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency systems available, and each has its limitations. Although there was initial excitement about RF, the author believes clinical results have been modest. Attempts to increase the electrothermal damage in the dermis created hotspots at the level of the epidermis, necessitating aggressive cooling to prevent epidermal damage and fat necrosis. Without sufficient thermal damage delivered to the mid and deep dermis, there was no significant skin tightening.

Microneedling has been used for many years for skin rejuvenation. The fine needles cause direct trauma by stretching the skin as the needles penetrate. This initiates a repair process that stimulates fibroblasts for new collagen production. It has been used for acne scars, alopecia, stretch marks, and wrinkling2–5. In addition, the needles create channels that allow for direct delivery of topical medications applied to the skin. It is considered safe for all skin types, with little risk of post-inflammatory pigmentation. There are many devices available for microneedling, including some for at-home use.

Radiofrequency and microneedling were subsequently combined in an attempt to enhance the results that could be achieved with either one alone. The combination technology creates fractional radiofrequency coagulation of dermal collagen and results in immediate collagen contraction. It also stimulates a natural healing response which leads to the replacement of damaged connective tissue with new healthier skin.

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