Rosacea Laser Removal Dubai

Rosacea Laser Removal in Dubai.

Rosacea Laser Removal Dubai

Laser treatment for rosacea in Dubai.

What is Rosacea skin treatment?

Laser treatment for rosacea is effective for people who have small red lines on their face and for people who tend to have a red face. There are good reasons to choose rosacea laser treatment:

  •  The results are long-lasting
  • You’ll get a better outcome when you get laser or light treatment compared to using a topical medicated cream alone
  • Once your treatments are completed, you’ll see benefits for quite a whileSome people have reported having clearer skin for up to eight years. You can also help to maintain your clear skin after the treatment with topical therapies.

How does the procedure work?

Rosacea laser treatment uses heat from wavelengths of light to disintegrate the visible, tiny red blood vessels just underneath the skin.

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