Threads Facelift Dubai

Thread Facelift in Dubai.

Threads Facelift Dubai

Thread facelift procedures have been designed for people experiencing early signs of aging, such as minor facial sagging around the cheeks, jawline and neck. Designed to be non-invasive and with low risk.

At La Mar Aesthetics Surgery Centre, this innovative facelift procedure can be performed in just one or two hours, often without anesthesia. And the benefits?

  • A gentle procedure and does not involve surgery
  • No risk of scarring, severe bruising, bleeding or other complications after having a thread lift

How does it work?

It aims in rebuilding the supportive structure to restore facial contour from within. During a thread facelift, our cosmetic surgeons will insert threads that are very thin into the face through tiny incisions made in the targeted area.

In rare cases, patients may experience irritation, infection or their sutures becoming visible under their skin however, if this occurs, the sutures can simply be removed and the patient’s face will return to its prior state.

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